Coronet Foods Pvt Ltd, India; has initiated its export of biscuits and confectionery under the brand FAVE. FAVE is a registered brand owned by Coronet Foods Pvt. Ltd. The brand philosophy is to make a quality product at an economical price.

OLA Creams

OLA is a brand of sandwich cookie consisting of two biscuits with a sweet vanilla creme filling.

Bonnies Butter Cookies

Wholesome & Tasty......loaded with the goodness of butter & baked to perfection

Super buttery and soft cookies. Crisp on the edges. .Packed with nutrients that keep you healthy and filling


Dark chocolate Biscuits loaded with choco butter cream

Bourbon biscuit is a sandwich biscuit consisting of two thin rectangular dark chocolate-flavored biscuits with a chocolate buttercream filling.

Fun Munch cream sandwich biscuits

Delightful cream biscuits

Pack of cream sandwich biscuits, truly Delightful Cream Biscuits packed in food grade laminates. Available in delectable flavors of aromatic chocolate, zesty orange, yummy strawberry and many more

Marie Delite

Light ‘n’ Crispy

Marie Delite is round and has the name embossed upon it, is typically vanilla-flavored, light and crispy round shaped biscuits, favorites of young and old alike

Nice Crunch

sugar sprinkled coconut biscuits

A super thin, crispy, sugar coated biscuit with the goodness of Coconut

Ener-G Glucose

Get-up & go!
Boosted with glucose for instant energy

Ener-G Malt & Milk biscuits has a unique taste that combines the goodness of malt and milk