About Us

Mr. Taqui Jameel Khan the founder of the company has always had a creative flair for baking. He put his love for baking, creative skills, and his vast knowledge in the making of the finest biscuits and confectionery under the name (FAVE) and at an affordable price.

FAVE is the Registered brand owned by CORONET FOODS Pvt Ltd; Established 2002. There is no compromise when it comes to quality at Coronet Foods. Along with new innovations and using the best quality ingredients all our products are of the finest taste and are packed with extreme care.

We have our footprint established in the African and GCC countries where our products are relished by people of all age groups and soon hoping to reach many around the world. Our FAVE biscuits and confectionery will spread its wings across the globe very soon.

We feel proud to say that the reviews from our customers have been excellent wherein they mention about our standards being higher than our competitors. The final product has taken to the taste buds of the young and old making it truly the FAVE biscuits of many.

With highly skilled management and fully dedicated team, Coronet Foods Pvt Ltd is strengthening year to year to reach greater heights in the biscuit and confectionery Industry.


The Company's corporate office is situated in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India. The state of art manufacturing facility consists of 26,500 sq. ft. of built-up space in a well-serviced industrial area, situated in Kanukunta Road, Gummadidala Village, Sangareddy District, Telangana State and offers good access to skilled workforce, material supplies and transportation. Coronet Foods Pvt. Ltd. Follows stringent manufacturing standards as laid down by HACCP (HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINT) and FSSAI



To build an innovative and sustainable company by creating an environment that champions new products, processes and working practices.


We are continuously striving towards realising our vision of enhanced growth, amplified visibility and optimized market presence. We keep a keen eye on adopting well-equipped innovative technology to stay updated and reach zenith in the biscuit and confect ionery domain.


To be innovative, competitive and dedicated to satisfying our customers. We focus on achieving our desired pursuits by relentlessly becoming a prominent player in the highly competitive biscuit and confectionery industry.